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Galin Delbag 85 gr Bag Instant Noodle
Galin Delbag Noodles are produced from whole wheat flour and come in six flavors; chicken, beef, vegetable, pizza, curry and shrimp. Main Ingredients are wheat flour, palm oil, salt, water and various kind of flavoring powder.
Manufactured by: Arvin Macaron PJS
Model: Delbag

The annual demand for instant noodles around the globe will grow by %23 or 22 billion instant noodle servings by 2017, compared to that of 93 billion in 2008. Some major contributing factors for such a tremendous growth in market size and consumption are increased rate of urbanization and growing number of working hours.

That is why noodles have become more popular especially with young working adults as a quick, and wholesome meal solution compared to any other processed food groups. 


Packing Information:

Carton Dimensions : L  30.4 W  19.7 H  24 cm  
Carton Gross Weight : 2.55 kgs 

Pieces Per Carton: 30 x 85gr Bags in 6 Flavors

Total freight volume is 0.01 cubic meters(m³) or 0.51 cubic feet(ft³)
Total gross weight is 2.5 kgs or 5.5 lbs., volume weight is 2.9 kgs or 6.3 lbs.

20' GP container can load 1827~1881 cartons
40' GP container can load 3780~3861 cartons
40' HQ container can load 4200~4563 cartons

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Food Security: The Enduring Availability of Food


The food security issue is as old as human history as storage of food for times of famine in granaries dates back to some 10,000 years ago recorded to have happened in ancient China and Egypt, but it was only until 1974 when the World Food Conference coined the term 'Food Security' after The UN recognized the Right to Food in Article 25-1 of the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

The three cornerstones that define food security according to the WHO are food availability, access, and use but regrettably as of 2007 the grain prices have increased as a result of panic buying, increased biofuel farming, increased crude oil prices, population growth, climate change, loss of agricultural land to urbanization, and ever-growing consumer demand in China/ India resulting in food riots and consequently approval of Right To Food Act in several countries across the world including South Africa, Nepal, Brazil & Ecuador to name a few. 

FAO reports indicate that in the years 2011-2013, an estimated 842 million people were suffering from chronic hunger whereas UN's 1st Millennium Development Goal states that the UN "is to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty" by 2015 !

The "Right to Food" means much more than handing out food stamps; it means that the global food production must increase %70 by 2050 to meet our needs or …